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Skull of Satoshi

Skull of Satoshi

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Skull was created by a collaborative effort between 3D-Artist @saoulidisg and Go Brrr and is based on the original artwork of Benjamin Von Wong.

The artwork was commissioned by Greenpeace USA who in turn was funded with a USD 5 million donation by shitcoin company Ripple to campaign to make Bitcoin change the code from ‘Proof of Work’ to ‘Proof of Stake’ and save the oceans from boiling.

The artwork was meant to portray a destructive power of Bitcoin mining but was instantly adopted as a kick-ass mascot  by the Bitcoin community.  Within a couple of days Benjamin was educated about the facts concerning btc mining and energy.  It’s an interesting story to dive into if you haven’t already.  A good place to start is Benjamin’s X feed here 

My version is printed in translucent PETG plastic modified with a 5v LED light strip giving it laser eyes and making it an interesting night light.  It uses a 5v USB C connection for power.  Comes with 1m magnetic USB cable.

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