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The SeedSleeve gives you a secure means of transporting an SH-02 plate via the postal service.

If you are planning on leaving your seed plates with a custodian, how will you know for sure that the custodian has not read the contents of your plate?

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Tamper Evident bags and physical seals defend against most ways for a custodian to take a peak at your plates' contents.

But did you know that many Industrial Non Destructive Testing labs have the equipment needed to read the contents of your metal plates without disturbing your tamper evident sealed bags?

So how can you be sure that your custodian has not read the contents of your plate using X-Rays? The SeedSleeve solves this problem using a dual 3mm thick lead shielding on both sides of your plate AND combines this with X-ray sensitive stickers.

The lead shielding makes it nearly impossible for an NDT lab to read your plate using X-Rays and the radiation sensitive stickers, themselves protected by the see through tamper evident sealed bag, acts a deterrent for your custodian to even try.

This package will be mailed to you - you can then mail it back to mineracks (or your preferred key storage and recovery agent) via Parcel Post.

Features of the Seed Sleeve:

- 3mm thick lead plate embedded in plastic sleeve on front and rear of plate
- X-ray sensitive stickers front and back
- Compatible with engraved 3 mm thick SH-02 plates
- Opening and easy insert/remove via thumb slot
- Insert for Tamper Evident Zip Tie
- 5 x uniquely numbered zip ties supplied
- 5 x A5 sized Tamper Evident Sealed bag with serial number and stub for safekeeping/verification
- Your plate becomes extremely difficult to read using almost any X-ray machine without triggering the radiation sensitive stickers
- Your seed plate stays in the SeedSleeve after arrival at the data centre and will remain untouched until you retrieve it.

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