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Seedsigner Premium – Monochrome Model

Seedsigner Premium – Monochrome Model

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*Only one usb output port, no data port, not suitable for use with Seedhammer

All fully assembled Seedsigners come with:
• Micro SD card flashed with a verified copy of the latest Seedsigner OS (you should download and verify the OS from yourself to be sure you have an uncorrupted copy)
• A short USB cable suitable for use with a powerbank

Seedsigner is the best and most versatile Bitcoin signing device.

It enables:

- air-gapped transactions using QR Codes,
- no wifi, Bluetooth or other connection are possible,
- generates private keys,
- can add passphrase,
- create multi-sig wallets,
- and a lot more.

For more information visit and/or join the Seedsigner Community Telegram Group here >

No private information is stored on the device once disconnected from power so it can be shared with trusted family and friends.

It is fully free open source software (FOSS).  


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