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SeedSigner Case - Open Pill

SeedSigner Case - Open Pill

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3D/FDM-printed enclosure kits for your SeedSigner.

  • 1x SeedSigner Case (Open Pill Design)

Simply select your case colour, and you’ll be one step closer to better bitcoin security!

This case is designed for cameras with a 'daughterboard'.

  • Hardware Supplied:
    • 4 x F-F M2.5 spacers, 10mm length
    • 4 x M2.5 pan head screws, 6mm length
    • 4 x M2.5 pan head screws, 12mm length

A portion of sales are donated to the SeedSigner Development Fund.

    Find out more about SeedSigners: here:

    Please consider donating to the SeedSigner Development Fund:


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