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Entropia - Seed Tablets (Aussie Edition)

Entropia - Seed Tablets (Aussie Edition)

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Entropia by SeedSigner – This is the Aussie edition in an apothecary jar. 

Functional art that can help secure your bitcoin! Entropia is a BIP39 lottery system that you can use to trustlessly create secure bitcoin private keys. Choose 11 or 23 words at random, and then use a bitcoin signing device like SeedSigner to calculate the final checksum word that completes your seed phrase. And when you’re not using these Entropia seed tablets, they make a great bitcoin-related conversation piece to display in your home or office.

The set includes the pictured display jar with label, eight 8×16 sheets of seed tablets (for a total of 1,024 pieces). Two unique strings of 3-4 letters are placed on each tablet (one on either side) to create a total of 2,048 variations that represent the 2,048 unique words in the official bitcoin BIP39 word list. The sheets of tablets are alphabetized and can be verified against the official BIP39 word list available at: 

Many hours have gone into the modelling, iteration & production of this unique bitcoin keepsake that takes over 24 hours to print. 

Additional important notes:

These tablets are of course no kind of medicine, food or candy; never place them in your mouth and always keep them away from children.

You’ll need some kind of offline computing device to calculate the final seed word that completes your seed phrases; a SeedSigner is perfect for this task but other suitable tools exist as well.

If you have a 3D printer and would like to try to print your own seed tablets, models as well as the scripts necessary to generate the tablets, can be found at:

Disclaimer: This product was developed by SeedSigner, and is being sold with permission!

If you are located in North America, consider ordering from his shop to save on shipping. A part of the profits will go to the creator, as it should be.
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