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Lottery Miner - Nerdminer

Lottery Miner - Nerdminer

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The NerdMiner is a Free & open Source Solo Miner project developed by Bitmaker.

An excellent introduction to learning about bitcoin mining in a display piece for your desktop, or as a gift to someone you have taken down the bitcoin rabbit hole.

Lottery Miners & Bitcoin Bingo?

As your chance of mining a block is proportional to the amount of computation power you are contributing, NerdMiners should not be considered a practical method of Mining Bitcoin,

They are a great way to learn more about what is happening on the Bitcoin Network, and as an educational tool when teaching others about the bitcoin and the Bitcoin Network.

If you are interested in solo-mining bitcoin, consider a Bitmain Antminer S9. They are relatively inexpensive compared to newer equipment, and if you have access to free, or very cheap electricity, offers a method of acquiring bitcoin through pool mining.

What’s included:

  • NerdMiner Case (as per your selection)
  • Lilygo TTGo v 1.14
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